A SwimClassy Promotor

October 1, 2016


“You are beautiful.”

A bit of background..

I started blogging 9th June 2016 and if you have been a reader of mine since the beginning, you will know that self esteem is an important subject for me. When I was in secondary school I was bullied and my confidence was destroyed, to say the very least. It was only through therapy and self-reflection that I have overcome my self-esteem issues.. ten years later. I wrote a blog “Bullying: Acceptance, A Letter To My Younger Self” which gives a small insight into being a victim of bullying. With social media having an impact on our daily life, it is inevitable that peoples minds will grow and change.

One of my favourite and most inspiring quote from Dita Von Teese “You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches.” 


When I set out on my blogging adventure, I never thought I would be contacted by a swimwear company. I personally wouldn’t class myself as “model material” and although a lot of people think I would be comfortable wearing a bikini, the truth is I’m not. Like everybody, I have my insecurities, too. When I read that SwimClassy promote body positivity, I simply had to jump on board. SwimClassy want to inspire us all to be beautiful in our own skin. To be an individual and rock what we’ got! This is an amazing concept and their message needs to be heard.

Quoted from www.swimclassy.com

“Swim Classy is not only a swimsuit store but a movement. All photos are unedited, and untouched (except for lighting) to promote body positivity . We want you to look at our photos and gain confidence as opposed to lose confidence, because ladies- No matter what shape or size you are- you are always SLAYING! Social media has already been taken over with how us ladies are EXPECTED to look, and if we don’t look a certain way we should feel ashamed. Swim Classy’s goal is to one day override that and create a new fad for women- and that is to LOVE yourself just the way you are!”

A movement, a change..

There are too many young girls with their perception of beauty distorted by the media. I too often hear of eating disorders, mental illness stemming from self esteem issues and bullying online. There is no such thing as “perfect” as beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Regardless of what others think, this shouldn’t have a negitive affect on how we feel about ourselves. Perfection is a false reality that people strive to achieve. It makes my heart ache when people do not realise their self-worth. We have been blessed with life and beautiful, amazing bodies! Let’s embrace exactly how we are in this moment. You don’t need to seek approval or acceptance from anyone!

I am overwhelmed at the opportunity of promoting SwimClassy and their positive message. You can be part of the movement, too. Head over to their Instagram page and website to check out their beautiful swimwear, and inspiring models. I have been given a discount code “Thosewords” which allows you 25% off your order!

My swimsuit: “Alyssa”