Where To Start?

I’m just an ordinary girl with hopes and dreams of changing the world. Not in the way you think I mean, but what “the world” means to us individually. Our own little bubble containing all of our passions and vibrant ideas, our friends and families, our past, present and futures and our deepest and darkest fears. Bear with me..

What to expect from my blog?

I have a special place in my heart for writing and I have many interests – the topics are endless! My first priority however, is to offer support. Whether that be issue’s regarding self-esteem, bullying or anxiety. Think of me as your personal agony aunt! Having struggled with anxiety for years, I’ve realised more and more how society – generally non-sufferers – are not able to understand the struggle. I don’t blame them of course, it’s not black and white. But I understand how isolating it can feel not knowing who to turn to or whether they will think you’re crazy. Let me tell you that we’re all a little crazy!

“I’m not a professional but I offer support. I’m understanding and do not pass judgement, one of many positive’s that anxiety has provided me with! Sensitivity!”

The cause of my anxiety was due to three long years of being bullied in secondary school – I know, we all were right? That’s when I started the painful (and expensive) process of speaking to numerous counsellors and psychologists on-and-off for the next ten years, the joy. Throughout that somewhat dark period of my life, I would have liked someone to talk to. Not a professional but a friend. I guess that’s the root of this blog and where it all began. But it’s not all doom and gloom I promise you!

“I taught myself to play electric guitar at the age of fifteen after hearing ‘Ashes in Your Mouth’ by Megadeth – yes, I loved everything from punk rock to heavy metal back in the day. I have always had a passion for music.”

Though high school wasn’t exactly the highest point in my life, it introduced me to the world of make-up. I had terrible skin and make-up was my saviour. Like most girls, I have tried and tested countless products whether it be skincare related or general beauty. I also have a strong urge to travel and see the world. Although, that wasn’t always the case. I used to suffer from travel anxiety until last year when I managed to face my fear – it wasn’t pretty but I won and that’s all that matters! Now, me and my boyfriend have planned to go travelling next year and embark on our biggest adventure which is both daunting and extremely exciting.. [watch this space]

Last but not least

I hope that you are able to join me on this journey. If I’ve connected with one of my readers by offering support or if I’ve provided them with some useful information during a time of need, I have already achieved my goal. Thank you for reading and I hope we can be friends!