What to expect from my blog..

Hello and Welcome!

On the 9th June 2016 I created an Instagram account originally under the name of @shesaysblogger. I knew that I wanted to start a support page but also incorporating my personal interests and day-to-day. Supporting others has always been a large part of who I am and over the past few years I had been overcoming some of my own struggles, including anxiety and low self esteem. I found a lot of comfort in people opening up about their issues online and I decided this would be a great way to reach out. Because of the varied interests on my account, including my love for writing, travel and photography, I changed my account to @thosewordsofmine with a website to follow. One year later and I haven’t looked back!


It’s incredibly important to seek support, as much as it is to be supportive to those around you. Having struggled with anxiety for years I’ve come to be more aware of the misunderstandings and the stigma attached to it. The cause of my anxiety and low self esteem was due to being bullied at school and that’s when I started the painful and expensive process of speaking to numerous counsellors and psychologists and attending hypnotherapy. Support that I’ve had on-and-off for the last ten years. Whilst attending therapy it was important for me to communicate with those around me, however this is something I rarely tried to do. But since I began my social media journey, it’s not only helped me connect with those around me but with people from around the world and I think that’s really special.

“You are not alone and your mentality is incredibly important. Your happiness is important and you are special regardless of how you perceive yourself.”

It’s a known fact that some people are too scared to ask for help or uncomfortable communicating their emotions. I have created my website and Instagram account to give confidence to those who need it to speak up. It can be a daunting process in which you feel vulnerable – but sometimes you are faced with problems you are unable to deal with alone. I want to enforce the message, don’t be afraid to ask for help and you are strong enough. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s having the courage to talk about your issues that may help in resolving them. That’s what I want to encourage.


Coming soon.